Bookworm Addiction

I seemed to have a new found addiction to Bookworm. This is not a new game to me but I recently installed in on my notebook and can’t seem to stop playing it.

To make matters worse, Sharlet of has been taunting me about my scores. I think I have her beat with my new score(3,452,580), but I really don’t see this ending well for me.

9 thoughts on “Bookworm Addiction

  1. OH My!!!!!! I am impressed! I think your words say it best, I must be DREAMING to think I can top this, but I will keep trying till my head gets FUZZY! You are right sir this saga has just begun. One question, are you still working on this game or is there a possibility I can catch up?

  2. hey dick im bills nephew nice website, that is a nice score i thought that my uncle bills score was nice until i saw that that same score is at the link above and all over google.

  3. Just checking on you!! Looking to see if by chance you have scored another amazing game of bookworm, guess not. As for myself having a hard time getting over that 1000,000 mark again but still working on it.

  4. Sharlet,

    Good to hear from you and no I have not beat it yet. I haven’t played much lately but its the same for me, I can’t seem to break 1,000,000 mark. Starting to think my good luck ran out!

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