Delta 36-725 Blade alignment to miter slot

Delta has published a set of Power Point slides showing how to adjust the blade alignment to the miter slot, using only the rear motor riser tube clamps. I am posting the untouched images from that set of slides here as a reference for anyone in need of these instructions. You can also download the original file .pptx, titled “Delta …

cPanel AppConfig for Fantastico

A simple script to populate the configuration file and register Fantastico with the cPanel AppConfig system. [bash light=”true”]#!/bin/sh cat > /var/cpanel/apps/addon_fantastico.conf <<EOF name=addon_fantastico service=whostmgr url=/cgi/addon_fantastico.cgi url2=/cgi/fantastico/index.php url3=/cgi/fantastico/fantastico.php user=root acls=any displayname=addon_fantastico EOF /usr/local/cpanel/bin/register_appconfig /var/cpanel/apps/addon_fantastico.conf [/bash]

WordPress Mass Update Script

I recently came across an excellent bash to mass update WordPress installs, which was written by Liz Quilty. This script works well, but unfortunately it did require manually setting paths if you are not using /var/www for your installs. Due to the large and varying number of servers I needed this for, I decided to make some changes so the …

Update Timthumb for All cPanel Users

A simple script to check all cPanel user accounts for timthumb.php(WordPress) and update them to the latest version if needed. Also checks for timthumb being used as thumb.php. Uses check to insure thumb.php is not affected for scripts like joomla, which does not use timthumb.

Phillips 50″ Plasma – No Power

Last night my TV decided to punish me right in the middle of watching Family Guy, by shutting itself off and refusing to come back on. After replacing the power cord, resetting the surge protector, and a lot of foul language, I finally gave up for the night.  After working for a few hours today, I then decided to yank …

Robot Rover

I recently picked up the basic DFRobot Rover kit from, which finally arrived today after what seemed like an eternity on back order. I also picked up a Bluetooth kit and a couple of sensors to play with. I’m still waiting for their new wheel encoders for this kit and a couple of 6V motors, but I can get …

American Censorship Day November 16

American Censorship Day November 16 – Join the fight to stop SOPA. Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Join all of us to stop this bill.

Kayako API: How to Post a Ticket

A basic PHP example of how to post a new ticket via the Kayako v4 Rest API <?php $apiUrl = “”; $apiKey = “78db96b0-1t7c-aea4-bd51-7xf39d50cdd6”; $salt = mt_rand(); $secretKey = “ZjBiZS0N2MtMzM3MTkyNTkxMjdiZWZkMGIjE3YmJiMGUtNmY0MC0yNWU0LWY5x6DktN1NzE0LWMxMGYyZDIzOThmYjY5YT7m”; $signature = base64_encode(hash_hmac(‘sha256’,$salt,$secretKey,true)); $subject = “Test Ticket”; $fullname = “DropDeadDick”; $email = “”; $contents = “Test test test test”; $departmentid = “1”; $ticketstatusid = “1”; $ticketpriorityid = “1”; $tickettypeid = …

cPanel – Fix Ownership of /home/user

I recently had an issue with incorrect ownership of all files under /home/user/ due to mismatched UIDs after a cPanel server restore. The following script took care of this in no time. echo -e “Checking ownership of /home/user \n” for i in `ls /var/cpanel/users/` do if [ “$i” != “root” ]; then chown -R $i:$i /home/$i chown $i:nobody /home/$i/public_html /home/$i/.htpasswds …

WordPress for Android

Testing WordPress for Android via Droid X. You can scan the code below to download WordPress for Android.