Taming MySQL 8’s Excessive Logging for ‘mysql_native_password’ Plugin

If you’ve recently migrated to MySQL 8 through cPanel, you might have encountered a warning message similar to the one below:

[Warning] [MY-013360] [Server] Plugin mysql_native_password reported: 'mysql_native_password' is deprecated and will be removed in the future. Please use caching_sha2_password instead.

This message indicates that the ‘mysql_native_password’ authentication plugin, which has been a part of MySQL for a long time, is no longer recommended and will eventually be removed. Instead, MySQL recommends using the ‘caching_sha2_password’ plugin for enhanced security.

The Fix: log_error_suppression_list

MySQL provides a solution that allows you to suppress specific error messages without suppressing all warnings. To address the ‘mysql_native_password’ warning without affecting the overall verbosity of your logs, follow these steps:

1. SSH Access: Access your server via SSH.
2. Edit Configuration: Open your MySQL configuration file, usually located at /etc/my.cnf.
3. Add Line: Insert the following line after [mysqld]:


This rule tells MySQL to suppress any errors with the code MY-013360, which corresponds to the ‘mysql_native_password’ warning.

4. Restart MySQL: Apply changes by restarting MySQL:

systemctl restart mysql   # For systems using systemd
service mysql restart    # For systems using init.d
/scripts/restartsrv_mysql # Reccomended for cPanel systems