WordPress for Android

Testing WordPress for Android via Droid X.

You can scan the code below to download WordPress for Android.


cPanel Webmail Direct Login Script

A simple and configurable script for direct login to the cPanel webmail applications(Horde, SquirrelMail, RoundCube).

// Modified version of the standard cPanel login page to allow direct login to a specific webmail application.
// Must set $host , $login_path , and $mail_app, defaults to cPanel proxy subdomains and SquirrelMail
$host = 'example.com';
// Uncomment one of the following to set login URL type

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cPanel Email Filter for IP Range

I recently needed to block a large amount of incoming email via IP range in cPanel for a single account versus blocking the IP range on the entire server. This was accomplished using cPanel’s Account Level Filtering for Mail.

Here is the filter setting using as an example.

Any Header
matches regex

Discard Message

cpanel mail filter

Snowing in Houston

It’s snowing here in Houston today! We don’t see snow that often here and it sure doesn’t compare to the snow when I am up in Michigan. However it is a welcome change and distraction from the normal Texas weather. It is expected to continue though the rest of the day and we may actually see more than 2 inches. I don’t mind at all, just gives me a reason to kick the dodge into 4 wheel drive.

Bookworm Addiction

I seemed to have a new found addiction to Bookworm. This is not a new game to me but I recently installed in on my notebook and can’t seem to stop playing it.

To make matters worse, Sharlet of SharletsWorld.com has been taunting me about my scores. I think I have her beat with my new score(3,452,580), but I really don’t see this ending well for me.

Edible Arrangement

I received an edible arrangement today from a friend for helping with her web design class. I have seen these before but never tried them nor received one until now. I enjoy fresh fruit but don’t eat it as often as I should, so this was a welcome treat.

Thanks Cathy!

My New “Desk”

My job requires a lot of hours at the keyboard, so I decide to swap my desk for something a bit more comfortable. After a little searching I opted for a recliner and a LCD stand.

To round out the setup, I tossed in a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and a nice lap board. My only complaints so far are that the stand is held in place by the weight of the recliner and I hate the keyboard. However, I have yet to knock it over and have pre ordered the new Logitech K340 compact keyboard.

WordPress for BlackBerry

I am finally getting around to testing the WordPress for BlackBerry app which was released last month. It is still in beta testing, but looks promising so far.

This post was made from my BlackBerry 8330 and I have attached a test image. If you want try the WordPress for BlackBerry app just point your BlackBerry browser to http://blackberry.wordpress.org/install

Weather Sticker 2.0

Added option for locations outside of US to enter station number.
Added option to select sticker with white text.

Just upload the new wunder.php into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.

This widget displays the standard wunderground.com weather sticker.